At Himalayan Brothers Adventure we take the safety of our clients very seriously. We consider safety of all persons to be the most important element in our operations. We take pride that our knowledge and experience play an important role in ensuring our safety standards for all our adventure travel in.

It is important to understand the fact that no outdoor activity is ever completely risk-free, but it is our role to minimize these risks as much as possible. We ensure that we are using up to date equipment for our adventure activities, and relevant safety practices at all times. We also  make the right safety decisions for our clients with careful regard to weather, conditions and ability, and ask our clients to follow their guides instructions at all times.

In order ensure safety and to minimize risk we ensure:

  • Proper route planning and tour design based on up to date weather and trail conditions.
  • Advanced Mountaineering Certified Guides with years of experience.
  • Low guide to client ratios.
  • Ensure all persons have safe and suitable equipment.
  • First Aid equipment carried by guides at all times.

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