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The Heritage Village walks are a chance for you to experience village life as people go about their daily work.

The villages we visit, have managed to continue with traditional ways of living, so the centuries old home and temples are still standing strong , and they are a testimony to local wisdom and knowledge of Earthquake proof construction technology!

Day 1: Start at Naggar

It used to be the capital of the Kullu rajas. Visit some of the famous temples here and continue on to Rumsu, a traditional hamlet, with most of the homes in the traditional kath-kuni architecture.

After a walk through the village, drive to nearby Jana for authentic and tasty Himachali food.

Walk up to the beautiful waterfall there and wind your way back to Naggar.

Day 2 (optional): Stay overnight in a traditional home in Jana. Spend the next day walking through the orchards to an old chikki, still in use, and come back to Naggar by lunchtime.

Pricing varies based on number of people. We cater to solo travelers, couples, families and large groups. Please contact us and we will customize a package just for you.