Hamta Pass

Walk the traditional route between Kullu Valley and Lahaul/Spiti before the road over Rohtang Pass was built.
Day 1: Starting at Prini village near Manali, the trail crosses small villages of Hamta and Sethan before walking through an alpine forest to the campsite at Panduropa. (6 hrs)
Day 2: Walk through a thick forest and reach Chikka. Cross the bridge of Hamta stream and reach Chikka. Cross Hamta stream by bridge and after about a 2 hour walk arrive at the beautiful campsite of Jwara. (5/6 hrs)
Day 3: A gradual climb begins, to arrive at Bhalu ka gera (bears den), known for wild flowers, rocks and caves. Continue on to Hamta pass for fantastic views of Inderkila, Deo Tibba (6001m) and Indersan (6220m). Cross the pass, enter Lahaul valley and walk down to the campsite by the stream. (7 hrs)Day 4: Cross the stream near the camp and follow it right up until it joins Chandra River. Continue all along the river to reach the campsite at Chhatru. (6 hrs)
Day 5: Drive from Chhatru over Rohtang pass to Manali.

4227 m   (Easy/Moderate, May – October)

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